Interactions and Interactivity

              Holzen" "Participants"


Introductory talks

Antony Unwin (University of Augsburg)
Isabel Meirelles (OCAD University)
Hadley Wickham (RStudio)

Session 1 (Chair: Alexander Pilhöfer, Google)

Martin Theus (Telefonica)
Simon Urbanek (AT&T)
Kaiser Fung (Junk Charts)
Adrian Waddell (University of Waterloo)
Amanda Cox (New York Times)
Session 2 (Chair: Rob Fry, ONS)

Wayne Oldford (University of Waterloo)
Leland Wilkinson (Tableau)
Martijn Tennekes (Statistics Netherlands)
Jay Emerson (Yale University)
Steffen Kühne (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Session 3 (Chair: James Curran, University of Auckland)

Graham Wills (IBM)
Katrin Grimm (University of Augsburg)
Chris Wild (University of Auckland)
Paul Blickle and Sascha Venohr (Die Zeit)
Session 4 (Chair: Friedrich Pukelsheim, University of Augsburg)

Lars Linsen (Jacobs University, Bremen)
Andreas Krause (Actelion Pharmaceuticals)
Di Cook (Iowa State and Monash)
Jason Dykes (London City University)

Location and Date

The workshop was held at Kloster Holzen ( over two full days, Sunday and Monday, the 28th and 29th June, 2015.

Organising Committee

Antony Unwin (University of Augsburg), Isabel Meirelles (OCAD University, Toronto), Di Cook (Iowa State University), Hadley Wickham (RStudio and Rice University),  Katrin Grimm (University of Augsburg), Christian Endt (University of Augsburg)

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Photos: Dennis Freuer

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"Graphics from Hanno
"Graphics from Hanno
"Graphics from Hanno Langfelder"
"Graphics from Hanno Langfelder"