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The development of Klimt is a fast-paced process and therefore any documentation can capture only a snapshot of the features present at the time of writing. We concentrate primarily on development and this is why the program contains extra features not yet included in the documenataion.
  • Quickstart guide for KLIMT

    This is a short guide based on 0.95g version of KLIMT for people who have some experience with exploratory data analysis. It shows the basic use of KLIMT, illustrated on the (in?)famous iris dataset. The step-by-step tour concentrates on the Windows MS-JVM version of Klimt.

    Download: Quickstart Guide for KLIMT (PDF format) (ca. 80kB)

  • Usage and Applications of KLIMT

    The following document describes the functionality and usage of eary versions of KLIMT (2001). It contains illustrations and a command reference. The document is a part of the master thesis of Simon Urbanek with the title Visualization and Analysis of Statistical Trees. The full thesis is available upon request from Simon.Urbanek@math.uni-augsburg.de.

    Download: Usage and Applications of KLIMT (PostScript) (ca. 1.7MB)
    Download: Usage and Applications of KLIMT (PDF) (ca. 474kB)

For further papers, talks and slides concerning KLIMT see the publications section.

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