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     - KLIMT for Windows, Mac, other. (current version: 0.97, pre-release: 0.98-pre7)
     - R/S/S-plus interface
     - Datasets

KLIMT works on any platform with Sun's JDK 1.1 or higher and is available as a Java Archive (.jar) file. For your convenience executables for multiple platforms have been released so you don't have to be familiar with the Java environment to start KLIMT.

  • *** pre-release for all platforms ***
    Download: Klimt.jar (0.98-pre7, ca. 507kB, JDK 1.3+) updated 2004/09/20
    This is the most current version and works on all platforms. For instructions see "other platforms".
    Max OS X only: Klimt.dmg (0.98-pre7, ca. 800kB, incl. datasets) updated 2004/09/20
  • MacOS X platform:
    Download: Klimt.dmg (0.98-pre7, ca. 800kB, incl datasets) updated 2004/09/20
    Download: Klimt.dmg.gz (v0.96u, ca. 1.8MB - includes datasets) updated 2003/04/10
    The supplied disk image file contains Klimt application, Rserv for R-1.5.0, Readme! and datasets. Double-click on the image file and you will find a new volume Klimt on your desktop. Follow futher the instructions in the Readme! file.

  • other platforms (Sun Java)
    Download: Klimt.jar (0.98-pre7, ca. 507kB, JDK 1.3+) updated 2004/09/20
    Download: Klimt.jar (v0.97, ca. 417kB) - JDK 1.3 and above (w Swing) updated 2003/11/14
    older releases:
    Download: klimt.jar (v0.96u, ca. 253k) - JDK 1.2 and above (w Swing) updated 2003/03/30
    Download: klimt.jar (v0.96h, ca. 190kB) - JDK 1.1 (w/o Swing)
    If your platform is supported by Sun's JDK (such as Windows, MacOS X, Linux or Solaris) then start KLIMT by double-clicking on the KLIMT file or by entering:
    java -jar Klimt.jar
    in the shell/terminal. You can add command line parameters, such as filenames, causing KLIMT to load the specified dataset and trees.

  • R/S/S-plus interface (simple/one-way)
    Download: klimt.r (for use with JDK, updated 2003/11/14)
    Download: klimt.r (for use with Windows/MS-JVM)
    This short function assumes that you have Sun's JDK (or JRE) installed and KLIMT.jar is in the working directory. Feel free to modify the function to support your configuration. Please read the documentation for more information about starting KLIMT from R/S/S-plus. We tested KLIMT with R only, so please contact us with your experience of using KLIMT in S/S-plus.

    For bi-directional R/S/S-plus interface see the documentation.

  • The following platforms are officially not supported anymore. More recent versions for those platforms can be obtained upon request.

  • MacOS 9 or earlier platform:
    Download: Klimt.sit (ca. 111kB, older version)
    The KLIMT for MacOS is packed with StuffIt. Unpack with StuffIt Expander prior to use. You must have Apple's MRJ installed in order to use Klimt. MRJ can be obtained freely from http://developer.apple.com/java/download.html.

You can use your own dataset (tab-separated ASCII format) to test KLIMT or you can download the following datasets used in the documentation:
  • Low-birth dataset (data+tree)
    Download: lowbirth.full (ca. 12kB)

  • Meningitis dataset (data+tree)
    Download: men.full (ca. 6kB)

  • Iris dataset (data+tree)
    Download: iris.full (ca. 11kB)

  • Wisconsin cancer dataset (data only)
    Download: cancer.tsv (ca. 18kB)

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