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Making trees interactive

Klassification - Interactive Methods for Trees

This is a test version of KLIMT as an applet. A wrapper around regular KLIMT code is used, KLIMT itself is NOT optimized for running as an applet. This is rather meant to give you an idea about KLIMT, it's not meant for any serious work. Depending on your browser configuration some file commands like "Open.." won't work. The dataset supplied with this applet is the menigitis dataset as described in the papers (see documents page). The tree was created by R with default parameters. The dataset was randomly chosen, it is not supplied to show the features or strength of KLIMT, it's just something to play with.

Beware! This is just a test code so don't be surprised if it crashes your browser or behaves erratically. You may have to close the entire browser to fix any problems. This applet does not necessarily show the lastest version of KLIMT, go to the download section to obtain the latest released KLIMT version.

Gustav Klimt
(1862 - 1918)

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