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Antony Unwin

Antony Unwin


Prof. Antony UNWIN, Ph.D.
Institut für Mathematik
Universität Augsburg
D-86135 Augsburg

email: Antony.Unwin@Math.Uni-Augsburg.DE

  • M.A. (Cambridge)
  • M.Sc. (London)
  • Ph. D. (Dublin)

First Professor of Computer-Oriented Statistics and Data Analysis
(This department was set up with the support of the Volkswagen Foundation through the initiative of my colleague, Professor Friedrich Pukelsheim.)

Formerly at:

  • Ford
  • South Bank Polytechnic
  • Mars
  • Trinity College Dublin.

Research interests

Interactive statistical graphics
Exploratory analysis
Large data sets
Development of exploratory statistical software.

The Augsburg Impressionists

Current software research projects

SEURAT (Developed by Alexander Gribov)
KLIMT (Developed by Simon Urbanek)
Mondrian (Developed by Martin Theus)
GAUGUIN (Developed by Alexander Gribov)
MORET (Developed by Ralf Seger)
iPlots (Developed by Simon Urbanek and Tobias Wichtrey)

Past software research projects

MANET (Developed by Heike Hofmann)
VAN GOGH (Developed by René Keller)
RENOIR (Developed by Claus-Michael Müller)
Pissarro (Developed by René Keller and Andreas Schlögl)
TURNER (Developed by Stefan Lauer)
Contours (Klaus Bernt)
MARC (Developed by Klaus Bernt)
Cassatt (Developed by Sylvia Winkler)


GOLD Graphics of Large Datasets (with Martin Theus and Heike Hofmann) published by Springer, NY  2006
Image of book cover Handbook of Data Visualization (eds. Chen, Härdle, Unwin) published by Springer, Heidelberg; 2008
Rgda Graphical Data Analysis with R published by CRC Press; 2015

Software developed at Trinity College Dublin

  • REGARD: Interactive Graphical Software for spatial data, developed in collaboration with Graham Wills and John Haslett in Dublin later supported in Augsburg. No longer available, ran only on Macs.
  • Diamond Fast: Interactive Graphical Software for time series (with Graham Wills) Available on request, runs only on Macs.
  • ASP (Animated Stochastic Processes)
    Three interactive graphic simulation packages for teaching.
    Available from Intellimation Library for the Macintosh, California:
    EPPIE - spatial epidemics (with Mike Lloyd and Graham Wills)
    CELLS - cell miteosis (with Mike Lloyd)
    mDNA - mitochondrial DNA inheritance (with Eoin McDonnell)